Mum refuses to throw her kids birthday parties after only one person showed up

Mum refuses to throw her kids birthday parties after only one person showed up

Mum-of-three Skye Hitchock has revealed she will no longer throw her children birthday parties after she planned an expensive bash – only for one person to turn up

A mum has revealed how she no longer throws birthday parties for her children – after just one person showed up at one her kids’ birthday bash.

Instead, mum-of-three Skye Hitchcock chooses to take her little ones away on holiday for their birthdays, so they can celebrate alone as a family.

Taking to TikTok from her handle @skyehitch, Skye shared a clip of herself wheeling her youngest child away on a suitcase, alongside a message explaining how she always takes her children away.

“When people are upset that I take my kids on trips for their birthday to make memories instead of blowing money on a stressful birthday party,” she wrote over the clip, while mouthing the lyrics “if you don’t like me, fight me.”

In the caption, the mum wrote: “After nap time we are going to the BEACH,” and honestly, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday.

One TikTok follower commented on the clip, writing: “Yeah so they can all call three days before and say they aren’t coming anyways lol, no thanks,” to which Skye responded: “It’s heartbreaking. We tried to have ONE party and nobody showed except our best friend and her family.”

Another user commented: “Well, you’re rich so you are privileged to afford both. I can only afford cupcakes and a home birthday party with close family.”

Skye replied: “I grew up with nothing, not even a cake on my birthday. We have worked extremely hard to get this life, we don’t take it for granted.”

In another commented, the mum confessed that she finds it really hard to organise parties, but promised that as soon as her little ones get older and ask for parties, she’ll do them. As long as the children are happy, who cares what anyone else thinks?